To Sharpen The Senses

Our ingredients are based on over 15 years of researching globally renowned dermatologies.


    We ensembled an upscale selection of edible Asian herbs specialized for skincare.

    These ingredients are specialized for aging care and rejuvenation. They help revive the skin.


    We elected red to represent our brand – Paparalachia Sapphire red.

    It is a scarce gem that is known to nurture women’s souls and to give people a sense of happiness.


    We harmonized four ingredients;Geranium, eucalyptus, rosemary, and chamomile.

    This luxurious scent helps increase female hormones that stimulate rejuvenation



    The smooth application of the products blanket the skin and comforts the body and mind.


 “the silence of the sacred heart fosters beauty.” 

At Conju, we study and aim to exhibit a collection of philosophies that have been told for over 1000 years in Asia. One of the philosophies we believe in is that “the silence of the sacred heart fosters beauty.”
This is because the mind cannot be separated from the body. "Physical beauty can only flourish when the mind is beautiful." - Conju


Conju aims to empower women from within by designing skincare products that illuminate women’s lifestyles with elegance and intelligence – which are two key ingredients according to the ancient empresses.

CONJU -Princess-

That is why we chose the name Conju, which literally translates to “empress” or “princess” in Korean.

At Conju, we carry a wholistic approach to beauty; beauty of the mind is a key to the lock of the physical beauty.