Luxury CONJU Princess Lifting Mask


Functional mask pack for certified wrinkle improvement manufactured as 7 types of vegetable stem cells & adenosine

1.Fine wrinkles improvement + lifting + intensive moisture supply

2.Excellent adhesive power without gap along with the winding part of the skin

3.Essence formula with high concentration whose sheet does not run dry after more than one hour’s adhesion.

Adenosine, 7 types of vegetable stem cells , herb essential oil

Wrinkle improvement adenosine: Adenosine with superior functions such as wrinkle improvement of the skin & melanin activation is the representative elasticity improvement material beloved by lots of women around the world. I performs all the functions from wrinkle prevention to its improvement.

7 types of vegetable stem cell: It contains 7 types of extract coming from plants and helps to intensify skin homeostasis which means maintaining health of the skin itself. It also supplies intensive moisture & nutrition for dry & poor skin.

Herb Essential Oil: It contains natural essential oil extracted from herb oil in high concentration, and provides relax & energy without any irritation or difficulty. It supplies sufficient nutrition together to the skin lacking in moisture.

Product characteristic It is a type of functional mask pack containing adenosine, the certified functional ingredient for vegetable stem cell & wrinkle improvement.

It not only supplies instant moisture for dry & poor skin but also improves the fine wrinkles, the representative signal of aging, always keeping your skin moist, elastic and healthy.

How to use

1.Arrange your skin texture with essence after washing your face.

2.Adjust mask sheet to your nose & mouth and then stick to the skin.

3.Detach the sheet after 15~20 minutes later and absorb the essence into the skin by patting it softly.

Volume 25ml

Skin Type for all the skins

Use order Cleansing balm – Soap – Peeling gel (Once or twice a week) – Essence – Mask sheet(Frequently) – Moisture gel – Lifting cream(evening) – Eye & Neck Cream(evening)

10 Sheets per Box

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