Luxury CONJU Princess Lifting Cream


Lifting Cream manufactured with Wrinkle Improvement Top 3 Ingredients

1.Fine wrinkles improvement + Lifting + Intensifying homeostasis

2.Applying new technology of shape memory form maintaining its own tension by itself

3.Strong wrinkle improvement formula upgrading not only fine wrinkles but also even deep furrows

HEAVING UP LIFTING CARE: Complex active ingredient contained in vegetable stem cell delivers energy to the root of the skin, providing intensive energy for wrinkles incurred from malnutrition. PULLING FIRMING CARE: Peptide called ‘God’s tears’ is speedily penetrated to the part with seven types in which protein has been damaged, not only blocking the process of elastic decline & skin laxity, but also changing into firm skin by pulling the barrier inside the skin lipids.

SPREADING ANTI-WRINKLE CARE: Adenosine, the Notified material for Functional Wrinkle Improvement most beloved among ingredients whose wrinkle improvement effect has been proved, is intensively penetrated into fine wrinkles & long-term elapsed wrinkles of the skin, exerting a wonderful wrinkle improvement efficacy, and making you experience amazingly tight skin.

Product characteristic Shape Memory Lifting Cream having the feature of returning to its original shape by itself. Intensively working on aged skin due to wrinkles & loss of elasticity, and then fostering tight skin in a short time.

How to use Take out some after skin arrangement and evenly spread & apply it on the face, chin and neck.

Volume 50ml

Skin Type for all the skins

Use order Cleansing balm – Soap – Peeling gel (Once or twice a week) – Essence – Mask sheet(Frequently) Moisture gel – Lifting cream(evening) – Eye & Neck Cream(evening)

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