Luxury CONJU Princess Cleansing Balm


Naturalism Cleansing Balm containing 9 Vegetable Oil

1. Deep cleansing + Pore purification + Exfoliation

2. Vegetable cleansing utilizing aroma oil instead of chemical ingredient

3. Changing into the skin with a good makeup by Removing old dead skin cell & body wastes

Lotus extract, three types of herb, Iris seed extract

Since lotus is warm in nature with no toxicity, it has excellent efficacy to skin purification & skin soothing. In addition, it is known for more excellent capacity in neutralizing the harmful ingredients of the skin than vitamin C. Lotus extract obtained from lotus is helpful to control free radical, active oxygen to arouse skin aging as well as the peroxidation of skin, playing a role in reducing oxidant stress to the skin.

Product characteristic Naturalism Cleansing Balm containing 9 Vegetable Oil.

Soft & fine particles remove even the hidden wastes of the skin meticulously, while 4 types of lotus extracts prescribed with it provide moisture after cleansing.

How to use

1. Take its suitable amount on the face, and wipe it out with tissue after rolling.

2. Coat lukewarm water on your hands and rinse it with such lukewarm water after rolling.

Volume 100ml

Skin Type for all the skins

Use order Cleansing balm – Soap – Peeling gel (Once or twice a week) – Essence – Mask

sheet(Frequently) – Moisture gel – Lifting cream(evening) – Eye & Neck Cream(evening)

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