Luxury CONJU Princess Soap



Licorice extract, mugwort extract, red ginseng extract

All the extracts – EWG 1Grade prescribed

99.9% natural oriental medicine soap with ZERO chemical component

99.9% natural soap full of natural ingredient, the extract inside the soap is all the natural ingredient prescribed as EWG 1 st Grade.

EWG, the acronym for Environment Working Group, is the USA Non-commercial Environmental Civil Organization. It provides the information for Safety by establishing the Stable Grade from 1 to 10 through continuous research on cosmetic ingredient.

Product Characteristic 99.9% natural soap manufactured by carefully choosing only natural ingredient.

All the types of skin can be available with no difficulty due to no excessive irritation to the skin or no moisture deprivation.

Abundant & fine bubbles cleanse even the wastes into pores perfectly.

How to use Coat lukewarm water on your hands and make bubbles with using bubble net and then wash & rinse it with lukewarm water like massage.

Volume 90g

Skin Type for all the skins

Use order Cleansing balm – Soap – Peeling gel (Once or twice a week) – Essence – Mask sheet(Frequently) – Moisture gel – Lifting cream(evening) – Eye & Neck Cream(evening)

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